spider wrap
EAS alarm tag
spider net-spider warp
cell phone display security
ink tag
round ink tag
pencil tag
small square tag
lanyard pencil tag
tag remover
supertag vst,alarm tag
bottle security cap
milk security
keeeper, eas safer box
cosmetics safer anti-theft solutions
EAS detection system

Traditional manufacture of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) products and mobile security .Main products includes spider wrap,alarming tag, eas hard tag, cloth tag, ink tags, bottle security cap, milk can protect, keeper, lanyard,pin,mobile security,eas detection system, deactivator.Near 10 years experience in procution, and focus on EAS, all of our products are of good quality, and warranty 2 years.Our business idea is “deserve trust and grow together with customers”. So besides providing high quality EAS products, we always do our best to give our partner biggest support.Near ten years developing,we win more and more customers all over the word,and many of them have become partners.We weclome you inquiry, and sincerely hope you will be our next partner.

EAS security tag, ink tag are main products of EAS. Rocsolid have nearly 10 years experience in procuding EAS security tags and ink tags.With own factory, moulds, workers and idea of high quality,fast delivery,Rossolid have the ability to produce large orders in very short time. And all of eas secueity tags and ink tags produced by rocsolid are warrantied 2 years, and everyone of them are qualtiy test before to be sent to customers. Although so many hard tags manufactures in China, Rocsolid’s security tags equal to quality,deserve trust.They will make you sale procuts to customers so easy, win long term customer,not lose old customers.

Beauty design,stable performance,anti-theft fuction,continuous improvement according customer’s requirement is Rocsolid’s idea to produce display security, spider wrap and alarming tag.
Display security incldes phone display security, tablet display,security watch,camera display anti-theft and display lock.
Spder wrap, alarm tag are of one alarm, two alarm and three alarm fuction.Always it will make antenna alarm when it pass through antenna,and will also alarm when the cable is snipped.

Bottle security cap and milk anti-theft are Rocsolid’s main products. Rocsolid sell nearly I million of all kinds of bottle security cap and milk anti-theft products one year.With specail design,Rocsolid bottle security cap fits most wine, champagne, spirit and liqueur bottles. The transparent tag locks neatly over the neck of each bottle without detracting from the design of the product.It is extremely simple and quick to apply and the retailer will also find it extremely quick to remove. However, the same cannot be said for thieves, who will find it almost impossible.It is the most effective and versatile alcohol security device available.

EAS kepper and safer box are usually uesed to protect Health & Beauty merchandise, media( including DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs, video games, Wii and etc),fragrances and high-theft beauty creams.With 10 years develop,Rocsolid have about 60 moulds of all kinds EAS safer and safer box including collapsible keeper,full closed safer box and customerized safer box.For Cuseomerized safer box, we promise that all size we eas safer box can design and produce, over 10,000PCS customers will not need to pay mould fee, low price thatjust one third of alpha,forse and century, and fast procution that 30days prepare mould and within 10 days produce 10,000pcs.

source tag including cloth tag, alarm tag,sensor is usually used in the garment supplier and garment factory.Source Tagging is the process by which disposable Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft labels and / or hard tags are incorporated into merchandise at the manufacturing, packaging, or third party level. Once implemented, Source Tagging can help increase product sales and profitability by enabling retailers to maximize merchandising techniques and product assortments. It also allows manufacturers to protect their products and provide floor-ready merchandise to their retail customers.

Client's Say

  • Rose Dawson
    Fashion Accessairies Company
    "We continue to love our AM antennas and trust the lovely ROCSOLID, and they are giving us great, reliable stats and support. "
  • John Waston
    Digital Company
    "Thank you for your help with my Display Security requests. When my other vendors were out of stock or not replying you guys were really able to step in quickly and get the job done."
  • Mark Walton
    Beverage Company
    "Thanks for your great bottle security products. Really help me a lot in store. "

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